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Capture a comprehensive set of data for comparison

Why settle for two dimensional measurements with a traditional CMM or inspection gauge when you can capture every detail of your as-built part? Measuring and comparing the entire part enables you to accurately pinpoint trouble spots. For multi-sensor metrology users who want to combine 3D scanning with hard probing, Geomagic Control’s powerful hard probing capabilities lets you quickly capture full 3D scan data and then use the hard probe to quickly identify features, measure specific areas or evaluate GD&T callouts.

Geomagic Control software, Inspection software in Riverside, CA

Perform in-depth product and process assessment

Take advantage of Geomagic Control’s sophisticated analysis features to quickly assess out-of-tolerance conditions. 3D Compare creates a full color deviation map comparing the reference to the as-built part – aiding the designer’s understanding of the problems and enabling quicker turnaround time for design changes. Additional tools enable measurement of wall thickness, edge comparison, GD&T tolerances, as well as 2D and 3D dimensions.


Meet strict quality standards

Geomagic Control is certified by PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and meets the strict quality standards established by leading automotive and aerospace manufacturers such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney.

Inspect products in a fraction of the time

With Geomagic Control, inspection and approval can be completed in hours instead of weeks – accelerating time to market, significantly reducing cost and giving you a measurable competitive advantage. Use the Automation Designer to quickly adapt existing inspection plans as inspection processes evolve and requirements change. Just drag and drop to add, remove or edit analysis.


Collaborate on the inspection process

Geomagic Control outputs detailed reports with numeric inspection data, multiple views, annotated user-defined views, notes and conclusions. Its powerful report designer makes even the most complex customization needs easy. Geomagic Control is the first inspection software that allows you to embed 3D models with annotation and 3D deviation color mapping directly in a PDF report. Share your inspection results with your colleagues, customers and suppliers. They will be able to rotate the model inside the PDF, zoom to a highlighted area, or select a predefined view using the free Adobe Reader.



Evaluate and inspect turbine blades

The optional Geomagic Blade module for Geomagic Control provides specialized features for evaluating, testing and qualifying turbine blades, rotors, stators and components. It enables complete surface and feature inspection for verification to ensure parts meet tolerance, functional and performance specifications.



Deliver results immediately

Geomagic Control is known for its simplicity and ease of use. From easily accessible resources and shortcuts that are all available at one spot, to a new, clean and organized interface that you can customize as well as tooltips in the language of your application, Geomagic Control is designed to help you deliver results from day one.

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