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DezignWorks Reverse Engineering Software in Riverside, CA

What is DezignWorks?

A Reverse Engineering software tool for collecting data with a digitizing arm directly into a modeler such as SolidWorks, Pro Engineer Wildfire, or Autodesk Inventor. One of the differences that makes DezignWorks the best choice for Reverse engineering is that it is feature-based reverse engineering software that is fully integrated inside of the modeler that you use.

DezignWorks is compatible with MicroScribe, Faro, Romer, Baces3D & Nikon portable coordinate measurement machines.

Reverse Engineering is the practice of measuring and recreating the geometry of a physical object. This collected geometry can be used for creating copies of the originals, as a basis for the development of alternate configurations of the object, or to develop new objects that interface with the reverse engineered object. DezignWorks is the Standard in Reverse Engineering.

DezignWorks, SolidWorks Gold Parnter, Reverse Enginering, SolidWorks in Riverside, CA

DezignWorks for SolidWorks

DezignWorks, PTC Silver Parnter, Reverse Enginering, Pro/E Riverside, CA

DezignWorks for Pro/E

DezignWorks, Autodesk Certified Parnter, Reverse Enginering, Inventor Riverside, CA

DezignWorks for Inventor


DezignWorks Lazer (DSM) for SolidWorks

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