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DezignWorks Reverse Engineering Software in Riverside, CA

What is DezignWorks?

DZW_Pro_EDezignWorks V8.5, a feature based reverse engineering software product, now supports Pro Engineer Wildfire 3 and 4. DezignWorks a PTC Silver Partner, enables PRO E users to perform reverse engineering functions directly inside of the Pro Engineer environment, maintaining full associativity with their existing model so they can design better products faster and more accurately, speeding their time to market.

DezignWorks is known as the industry's standard solution, for feature based reverse engineering. The DezignWorks patent pending technology that SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor users have been enjoying is now available for PRO E Wildfire. DezignWorks has the ability to capture data directly from a digitizer device within the native PRO E interface, creating native features, allowing interactive editing. With DezignWorks patent pending data collection method, complex real world shapes can be quickly and easily captured. The movement of the device is stored in the database manager so data can be reused again and again without the need to re-digitize the model.

Creative Dezign Concepts Inc., was accepted into the PTC Partner Advantage Program at a Silver Tier. DezignWorks allows users to perform reverse engineering functions directly inside the Pro Engineer interface utilizing digitizer devices such as Faro, Romer and MicroScribe. DezignWorks in conjunction with Pro E Wildfire expands on the software's legacy of ease of use, design power, and affordability by providing users with comprehensive drawing tools and new productivity features that will speed the adoption of 3D design to the world. DezignWorks gives engineers the functionality to capture data from their existing part and create an intelligent feature based model, allowing the engineer to make changes rapidly with the native modeling software while preserving the associativity to the part. DezignWorks can be used in 2D and 3D sketches or in the PRO E Styling Module.


A recent study estimated that 80% of new designs came from existing designs, and usually from an existing part. Utilizing a feature based product like DezignWorks instead of a point cloud product gives the engineer the ability to capture the exact shape (even complex free form surfaces) directly inside of the Pro Engineer interface. The engineer can then make changes rapidly to meet the needs of the new products and improve the design for the ever changing market needs. DezignWorks offers best- fit capabilities for lines, arcs, circles and splines. DezignWorks also includes curve editing utilities for capturing complex curves such as spline uniformity tools.

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