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About eScan...

Who is eScan for:

The eScan is for uses that don't require the high accuracy offered by the Optix Series or other high priced scanners. The EScan is purchased by those who need an affordable solution or large volumes of scanners at an affordable price. It is for people who want the speed, flexibility, and portability of a high end scanner system.

In what industries is eScan used:

The Escan is used for reverse engineering, a few industries that use our product are: rapid prototyping, inspection, design, medical fields, footwear and orthotics, and other scanning applications.

What file formats does it produce:

Point clouds such as ASCII, and triangulate point clouds such as OBJ, STL, VRML, etc. The software also allows you to export IGES files to other software including Rhino.

What can the data be used for:

The data can be used by any CAD and CAM programs for direct milling, editing, and other functions typically performed by these types of soft ware.

How accurate is the eScan:

The eScan is accurate to 30microns (.0015") for the Enhanced version with standard base model.

How fast is the eScan:

The scan takes a very short time, but depending on the resolution and detail needed. Some applications can take longer.

How does eScan compare to other scanners:

The eScan offers the same professional functionality and reverse engineering capabilities offered by other scanners costing upwards of $50,000.00 but at a fraction of the cost starting at only $7795.00.

Is eScan portable:

The EScan weighs about 3.5 lbs and is plug-and-play operable with any Windows platform. It can be used at any angle and in any typical environment whether that is outdoors or indoors. It is tripod mountable and easy to relocate and move.

What is included with eScan:

Everything that is needed for reverse engineering with no hidden costs. Included with the scanner is software that does merging and aligning of scans, processing of scans, 3D viewer, scaling, color and visual features, basic measuring, inspection, and editing tools, as well as multiple file type output. We also include the power and USB cables and a 1 year limited warranty. It comes with a hard plastic case.

How large an object can I scan:

The eScan is not limited by the size of the object to be scanned. The merging and aligning software that comes with the scanner uses common feature recognition to align and merge scans. This means that as long as there is overlap and common features amongst two scans the software has the capability of automatic aligning. If there is not enough crossover or common features between the scans then markers are used in software to align and merge scans.

How does it capture 3D data:

The scanner uses a laser line that is swept across the object using a rotating mirror. The laser light is acquired through the CCD lens. Knowing both the angle of the laser line and the distance between CCD lens and laser through triangulation we know each of the precise points in the 3D point cloud.

Can I scan dark or shiny objects with eScan:

Yes. however, for increaesed accuracy and speed it may be recommended to utilize a dulling spray at times.

Do I need training:

Our system is set up so that after you have installed the software and set up the scanner, you can begin scanning. We do however provide manuals and videos to help the user learn and become familiar with the scanning process. However, if support is needed the highly trained engineering staff is available. If a customer wishes to be trained in using the scanner, we provide on-line training at a reasonable price.

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