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Modular fixture Systems for Metrology

Fixlogix Main |


CMM Fixture Plates


Plates (Inches)

Fixture Plates are available is sizes from

12" x 12" to 48" x 108"

in 6" increments


Plates (Metric)

Fixture Plates are available is sizes from

300mm x 300mm


1200mm x 2700mm

in 150mm increments


FixLogix Hold_Down


Plate (Hold Down Clamps)

Hold Down Clamp Asssembly        are available with    M8/M10/M12 Knob-Screws


FixLogix T Nut


Available in Inches or Metric with (2) tapped holes

Fixture Plates: All plates are 35mm thick anodized aluminum fabrications.

Engraved plates feature laser engraved reference scales along the t-slots in .125" or .25mm increments.

(4) Hold-Down Clamps are recommended for plates larger than 450mm x 450mm.

CMM Fixture Component Kits

FixLogic Kit

The FixLogix standard component kit for modular CMM fixtures is the most effective and economical fixture system on the market today. An uncommonly wide variety of components such as vertical towers, cross-slide, and swivel-head are provided to improve setup flexibility. 

The kit design and configuration allows individual components to be multi-tasked and combined into an unlimited variety of fixture setups for a wide range of part types. 

FixLogix components are compatible with our t-slot fixture plates, and with other threaded grid plate systems. The components are predominantly stainless steel and anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance. 

Component kits are available in Inches or metric.

Additional components and accessories are available.


Contact us for more information or to purchase FixLogix products.