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About Optix Scanners...

The Optix 500 series is the latest offering by 3D Digital Corporation with a current update that allows interchangeable heads, where one base may allow the use of various heads. They provide compact, lightweight, and tripod mountable scanning with USB plug and play ease for Windows computers. The Optix scanners have the option of connecting an external digital camera in order to provide extremely high quality color texture information. This color option is available for all of the Optix scanners except the 500S model.

Optix 500 Series Features:

Optix 3D imaging scanners provide four times the resolution and greatly improved accuracy versus previous generation scanners. The weights and sizes of the scanners have been reduced for more compact packaging design. The interchangeable heads allow one scanner to be able to accomplish every job. The flexibility provided by the Optix 500 interchangeable head allows more options and easier upgrading of any unit.


The high-resolution Optix 500S model, with an accuracy of +/- 8 microns, is specially designed for the inspection, manufacturing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and medical/dental markets. For a medium range needs, 3DD offers the Optix 500M. It is ideal for digitizing medium to large parts such as dies and molds. The Optix 500L was built for scanning large objects at long distances; perfect for the automotive industry where engineers want fast and accurate scans of car interiors and body panels in the design process. To add extra flexibility to the model lineup, the Optix 500H was added to provide higher resolution scans at a farther standoff distance. This model serves as a solution between the 500S and the 500M. The company also designs and produces custom scanners for client's special requirements. For example, after assessing the needs of the US Army 3D Digital designed and built a custom system by combining two scanners into one at a very affordable price.


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