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3D Digitizing and Reverse Engineering Services

3D Digitizing and Scanning is the rapid process of measuring a physical object and creating an accurate 3-dimensional model. This process can be used for reverse engineering or inspection of everything from simple to complex shapes as well as for design analysis.

Today's manufacturing environment is extremely competitive and these technologies allow companies to achieve a variety of important advantages over their competitors, including being first to market with better designs and fewer prototypes, resulting in greatly reduced costs and larger profit margins. At B3-D we utilize the latest technology in 3D scanning hardware and software solutions to meet your needs.


  • Faro Portable CMMs
  • ATOS™ White Light Scanner 
  • ATOS™ Blue Light (Triple Scan) 
  • 3D Digital Corp. Laser Scanners
  • Geomagic Capture Blue Light Scanner
  • Artec Handheld 3D Scanners


  • DezignWorks™
  • SolidWorks™
  • Inventor
  • Pro/E™
  • Geomagic DesignX™
  • Geomagic Control™




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At B3-D we use state-of-the-art equipment to gather 3-Dimensional geomety from physical parts for the purposes of creating CAD models, performing part inspections, and aiding manufacturing processes for automotive, aerospace, architectural, boating, medical, and commercial applications as well as fine art pieces. Exceptional engineering talent and top of the line equipment is combined with twenty years experience in the 3D Scanning and Mechanical Engineering industry. 


  • 3D Laser Scanning & Digitizing in small or Large Scale
  • In-house or onsite scanning services
  • SolidWorks Modeling
  • Part inspections


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