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B3-D Technical Support

B3-D Mcad Consulting/Sales LLC is 100% dedicated to the success of our customers. B3-D technical support includes a varitey of methods for helping our customers answer questions, and overcome challenges. We will make every effort to resond to your support request as fast as possible and get back on track.

Email support

Email Support

Phone Support

Phone Support

Web Support

Web Support

Email B3-D technical support with a detailed description of your question or issue and we will respond within 1 business day. to help expedite a resolution, please include Hardware Type, software, current version, serial numbers, and any other documents or information you feel is necessary to support your case. If you need to send documents or files please use yousendit or transferbigfiles.

Call B3-D Technical support at (949) 233-3865(949) 233-3865. Please have your Hardware type, software, serial numbers, and a detailed description of your question or issue when you call. This information with help our technical support staff to expedite a resolution to your issue.

Some support issues can benefit form a live, hands on approach or "Coaching" session. At B3-D we utilize Goto Meeting, a web based conferencing tool that allows us to walk you through the solution to your issue as if we were onsite at your facility. We can share your desktop, and see the problem first hand and guide you through the steps required to solve it.

In addition to the live support options listed above, we have product specific support pages that you can access to answer many of the most common questions that can arrise.