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VRMesh Reverse


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VRMesh Reverse

A complete reverse engineering workflow for users to wrap 3D scan data into accurate polygon meshes as well as NURBS surfaces. It delivers best-in-class point cloud clean-up tools and mesh processing functionalities. It also provides step-by-step guides to wireframe curve detection and NURBS creation.

Reverse engineering workflow in VRMesh

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic registration

  • Remove redundant points with preservation of edges

  • Advanced point cloud denoising algorithm

  • Accurate triangulation

  • Remesh smoothing with preservation of edges

  • Comprehensive mesh repair and editing functionalities

  • Digital clay working directly on arbitrary triangle meshes

  • Quads and NURBS creation

  • Sketch-based modeling techniques

Working Examples:

>> Point cloud to mesh


Example 1: This video shows the accurate triangulation of 88 million points for 3D modeling of Gothic architecture.  watch YouTube movie

3D Digital Heritage Modeling



Example 2: This video shows a workflow of converting large point clouds into accurate triangle meshes in VRMesh v7.5.  watch YouTube movie

point cloud to mesh



Example 3: This tutorial shows how to create a high-quality polygonal model from point clouds. 


point cloud triangulation

>> Point cloud clean-up tools


This video shows how to clean up point clouds, and how to register and merge multiple point cloud patches into a single object.  


dental cast model


>> NURBS creation


Example 1: This video shows the enhanced workflow for streamlining the NURBS creation process in VRMesh v7.6.  watch YouTube movie 


NURBS Creation in VRMesh v7.6

Example 2: This video shows how to repair meshes and create a NURBS car tire in VRMesh v7.5.  watch YouTube movie


NURBS Car Tire

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